What We Stand For

Our name “Diamond & Floyd” were coined from our
values and the things that have consistently influenced us
as we relate and render services to our clients.

The diamond demonstrates our expertise and represents our unwavering, consistent, and ongoing commitment to providing only the best service to our clients.

Foundation represents our commitment to helping our partners develop solid
foundations on which they can build their business — i.e. helping them to understand
all elements of their business. This includes developing solid brand messages,
establishing a cohesive brand identity, building an online or digital “home base”
(usually a company website), company-wide integration of brand identity, and
implementation of marketing strategies.

Leverage is the ability to use something to maximum advantage. Therefore, as a
consulting firm, we encourage our partners to maximize leverage. From financial
 leverage to leverage marketing (which involves understanding how much more they
can do with what their business already has). With leverage marketing, we help our
 clients to find underutilized space and resources for explosive growth and requires
little or no extra expense or risk.

Opportunity is easily identified as we understand our client’s goals and area of
expertise. Hence, we simply analyze the market, assess consumer needs, direct
and indirect competitors, and other factors like brand value proposition, existing
regulation, supply chain, and the general environment. We take advantage of
market opportunities by filling loopholes and meeting the needs of the market.
Yield, which could be the revenue generated from expense is a yardstick to
measure success. We are result-oriented and that’s what we help our clients
to achieve. We seek new and efficient ways to increase their yield – whether
in terms of generated revenue or increased efficiency.

Data and analytics helps our clients improve their business operations.
 We use digital information to predict consumer behavior, improve decision making,
increase brand awareness, improve customer acquisition, and determine the ROI on
marketing. By doing this, we are not able to help our client protect their market share,
 but also expand into new territories.

Integrated solutions