Results driven

Our business consultants and marketing
strategist are well experienced with a
focus on excellent customer relations
and service delivery.
Committed to helping brands gain visibility for global recognition, achieve multinational growth, and establish
longevity through consultancy and innovative marketing strategies. We have created a seamless process that
assures the success of large marketing campaigns and consultancy for businesses at any stage.

1. Kick Off

Fill out the form on our contact page to place a request. It is a quick and easy process;

• Once we get the request, we’ll place you on a call to discuss the scope of your business, project needs,
recommendations, and pricing.
• We’ll work with the team and send you a proposal and contract.
• If you approve, you make an upfront payment.
• Then, complete payment after the work has been completed to your satisfaction.

2. Brand Discovery

This is where we figure out your thoughts and expectations. It’s the project kick-off stage that opens our minds to your needs.

• Discovery Worksheet: contains questions about your history, competitors, goals, and vision.
• Personality Worksheet: a fillable PDF sheet on who you need your brand to be. Here we talk about the target audience,
brand archetype, intangible offers, qualities, and where you want your brand to be.
• Samples: Make available samples of existing branding you want to improve or admire.
• Research and Analytics: We schedule a call to analyze all data acquired from the worksheet and get recommendations.

3. Concepts

Next, we’ll integrate all our services in the brand discovery stage insights. Then, provide recommendations in a meeting, and a
PDF showing our plan and strategy or your business, brand, design and communication conceptualizations. Our experts are made
available for full consultancy that guides you through this strategy with continuous communication and creativity.

4. Final Works

After selecting the most appealing concepts, we’ll refine the work with your review and feedback. Based on continuous
development, we formulate a final plan from communicated feedback.

At this point, we are ready to be deliver, monitor, and control deliverables.

Create a powerful brand

Our approach to work is collaborative, yet focused and professional.
During the concept phase, our team of designers would work with you
to explore different styles and options for your new or updated brand.
Throughout the process, we explore specific directions and elements,
explain their impact, and make recommendations on what we feel is
the best. What you have is a brand that resonates with your customers
as much as it does with you.

Strategies to transform your business