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Diamond & Floyd Inc

Renowned Consulting and
Marketing Agency in Toronto, Canada

We help our partners smash their marketing goals and achieve their growth
objective through communication, design, branding, and business strategies.

Our team of renowned experts is committed to being a part of our clients’ 
business journey by meeting their unique needs through innovative development 
and implementation.


Carve Your Brand Name on
the Minds of Your Target
Audience Now


Increase customer loyalty, improve brand image, set yourself apart from competitors, and become a household name in your industry. With our tested and trusted brand positioning strategies, you can create a unique impression in the mind of your customers and become a leading force or the go-to-brand in your industry.


Bid Goodbye to Brand
Irrelevance with Creative
Aesthetics Today


Whether you’re a new or existing business owner, brand aesthetics can determine whether you get to keep or lose your audience. Let our highly creative team help you put your brand’s best face forward with mind-blowing designs and branding aesthetics that creates the right impression and generate the right reaction from your audience.


Create Brand Messaging
That Resonates


Our expert team of communication and copywriting is ready to put an end to your dilemma. We can help you communicate your brand message in a way that creates the best possible impression on the minds of your target audience and connects or resonates with them on an emotional level.

What we do

We help our clients solve their marketing challenges, drive business growth, and ensure sustainable market dominance through
 business consultancy with the development and implementation of marketing strategies.

As marketing consultants, we advise leaders and decision makers of business and societies on all issues related to marketing.
 We develop innovative ideas to help our clients achieve their business objectives by identifying and leveraging on market
 opportunities, use of data for market analysis, developing new products, brand strategy, digital marketing, brand organization.


Our Services


Whether you’re a new or existing enterprise, our expert team of business
and marketing strategists can help you define your business purpose, set
clear action plans, and forge highly effective methods of execution. We
will help you develop business transformation programs that challenges
the norm, beat the odds, and achieve ground breaking results.


You no longer have to worry about being misunderstood, with our team
ready to help you communicate your message in a way that everyone
within and outside your company can understand. We can help you
improve communication in different aspect of your business – from
marketing, public relations, customer relations, to corporate &
interpersonal relationship.


Take your business to the next level with high end branding that creates a
strong, positive perception of your company and its product and/or
services on the minds of your customers. Diamond & Floyd can help you
create a unique brand identity that stands out from the crowd and take
you to the top of the food chain in your industry.

Leading Marketing
Progress In The UAE

We are opening up our third office 2023 in the UAE, with a mission towards creating a better, positive future. We are helping brands tackle challenges, actualize their potential, and achieve sustainable growth through continuous innovation.

Integrated Innovation

We deliver integrated solutions into
our marketing and consultancy
services to help our clients achieve
faster, better, and more sustainable

Collaborative Approach

We partner with our clients in
solving their problems by bringing
fresh perspective and suggesting
innovative ideas to solve their
most important internal and
external issues.

Data-driven Approach

Focused on results that’s why
we leverage on the tons of
data provided by data & statistic
agencies to tackle our clients’
problems head on.

Why you choose us

We partner with ambitious business owners who want to make a change in
 their industries rather than blend with the usuals.

Together, we define bold objectives and achieve groundbreaking results
 that disrupt industry norms.

Artificial Intelligence

With business atmosphere getting more competitive than ever, you can drive success to your business by leveraging on the greater efficiency of artificial intelligence.

AI software can provide highly personalized customer experience, improve customer relation, predict customer needs, improve sales forecasting, etc.


Protect your business from cyber-attacks that could lead
to massive loss of data and revenue.

We keep intruders behind the wall with our heavy-duty
cyber security system.


Reduce operational cost and improve your business productivity by automating key areas of your business today.

Our team is ready to work with you to develop the perfect software to take your business to its next level.