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Excellence, always delivered

always delivered

We win because our clients win,
and your success is our success

We win because our clients win,
and your success is our success

Our Vision

We are a company that aims to make the world
a better place through projects that drive
positive change and societal improvement.

We value impactful work, open collaboration, and
the spirit of diversity and inclusion.

Ardalan Yahyavi

Chief Executive Officer
Diamond & Floyd Inc.

Message from
our CEO

Through long term partnership, we strive to
support our clients in their journey to success by
leveraging on; creative branding to build customer
loyalty and recognition, effective communication
of ideas and values to foster trust and excellent
customer relationship, efficient marketing
strategies to gain competitive advantage and set
them atop the market food chain, consulting that
help them achieve their short and long term goals.

Our Mission

We help businesses become globally recognized as a
brand to establish sustainable market dominance.

Harnessing the Power of the Universe to Propel Your Business Forward

Timeless marketing solutions that transcend space and drive results

At Diamond & Floyd, our team consists of exceptional talent from all over the world, merging their unique experiences and knowledge to create powerful, Fortune 500 level marketing solutions. We bring together top-notch professionals in tech, media, and design, with cutting-edge technology and verified data-driven insights to deliver transformative solutions for our clients.

Our collaborative approach allows us to tap into diverse perspectives, resulting in refined and esteemed ideas that drive results and growth. With our unwavering dedication to excellence and strategy, we're able to develop precise solutions that meet the unique needs of each client. From enhancing brand awareness to driving revenue growth, our team's unwavering dedication to delivering amazing results sets us apart in the industry.

High Performance

Maximizing Marketing ROI with High-Performance Programs

Your marketing family

The Diverse Range of Clients We Serve

Maybe one of these sounds like you:

You’re a small business ready to hit the market and build a unique identity that will make you
stand out amongst competitors and entice retainable customers.

You're a medium-sized business looking to increase your reach, generate new leads and improve
your marketing strategy.

You're an established business or manufacturer seeking to launch a new product or service,
improve your marketing strategies, or rebrand.

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